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Howdy Hunting and Shooting Friends,

 Here in in this fast evolving Web-Magazine we will talk, guns, bullets, reloading your own ammo,  bows too, hunting NH, around the world, and just plain shooting for fun.

Today’s Rifleman is broad label, in that most all rifle hunters today are also bow-hunters  shotgunners, and target shooters. But like me the call of a great hunting rifle that shoots sweet is hard to resist.

Many of you already know me as a hunter that likes to test and write about new products for sportsmen and women.  Products such as Rifles, Pistols, Scopes, bullets, reloading, powders, casings and gadgets that can improve your firearm and your own personal hunting/shooting satisfaction. And in being the great Riflemen and women that you are! Together we will also explore details of Ballistics and long range considerations and the like that are sure to keep your campfires burning into the night and of course the hunting stories. 

I have authored and published hundreds of articles for hunters and shooters over the years on rifles, bows, deer hunts,moose hunts, Safari Hunting and about reloading your own ammunition to increase your satisfaction level far beyond what you may have imagined. 

This exciting web-magazine can be accessed today from your I-phone or on the web. It is interactive in that you can log on and comment and really talk shop and get into the details of Rifleman and Hunters and Outdoor experiences. We are pleased to add my son Jason who writes and Edits for us. 


Good Hunting and Shooting,

Ed Hale – Owner/ Editor


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