Opinion – Mass School Shootings: Motives, Root Cause and Corrective Action.

We must do more to protect our children from mass killings by misfit child terrorists among us, in a torn society where a large segment of  children do not sit at the table with mom and dad as a family and discuss the day. Where family members are more attached to electronic gadgets and social websites and video games than to the “real” day to day world.

We, as a often leftist/progressive educated society are raising misfit child terrorists who act on hate!

Enter public (progressive government run) education over the past decade has seen a socialist ramp-up of education programs to teach children what to think (socialist values as a collective) and not how to think independently, essentially replacing parents.

Fictitious Root Cause – The big Lie – The socialist left will have you believe that banning Assault Weapons is key. There are in fact no assault weapons in the public at large, they are telling an untruth.

Semi-auto firearms have been available since the end of WW II in the form of pistol and rifle none are considered assault as they are not fully automatic.

There are large capacity pistols and rifles that have been available for many years since WWII but why now?

Actual Root Cause  – It is not the gun or kind of gun that is at fault in school shootings, it is the socialist government educated society we live in where children are not raised in a caring household and accordingly leave them alone to raise themselves.

Our government does not amply reward marriage and family enough.

In fact a swollen leftist populated federal government and education bureaucracy weaponized by leftists and progressives is the problem.

States need to step up to what powers are given them via the Constitution under the 10th Amendment where “The tenth amendment is sometimes called the state sovereignty resolutions, or state sovereignty bills. The powers not delegated to the US Constitution, nor prohibited by i…t to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

FACT- If we remove all guns from law abiding families, then the criminals will be the only ones to have guns and our government. That is why we have the second amendment.

Do you trust your government?

If you remove guns from society then knives and bombs and vehicle killings are the next weapon of choice, like Islamic terrorists.  

School Shooting Corrective Action Recommendations.

Corrective Action – Short Term

  • Use metal detectors in public schools.
  • In some cases bomb and drug sniffing dogs should be employed.
  • Train teachers to carry. 
  • Students booted from school for violence require Mental testing and monitoring by the State and Corrective action to correct the condition.
  • Offer families alternative private education. 

Children today should not be able to purchase and own a firearm till they are in the military or reach the age of 21.

Corrective Action – Long Term

  • Bring back Judaeo-christian values in school.
  • Privatize Education by non-government agencies.
  • Government should reward marriage financially via taxation and discourage divorce.
  • Reduce/Shrink Government bureaucracy according to the Constitution and 10th Amendment. 
  • Ensure the Constitution as our Founding Fathers wrote it. Ensure the Second Amendment to guarantee all other Amendments.


Expose your children and your whole family to God and the great outdoors, hiking, camping, hunting and fishing and the love of this great land.

Teaching begins in the Family home. 



The Left Jumps Again at Gun Control in the Wake of the Las Vegas Mass Murders…

My sincere prayers go to all those in Las Vegas that were killed and injured by this heinous evil man.

The “left” sees this another opportunity to ban the so called assault weapons or black long guns and magazines that hold many rounds from law abiding citizens.

The simple fact is that criminals or evil doers circumvent law every single day and will get a gun on the black market or by robbery. This madman apparently found a way to make the semi-auto rifle fire as an automatic. A felony! Did he care? No! Can you legislate that? No!

Below is an interesting examination at the CATO Institute of the “Cost and Consequences of Gun Control.” I thought a good read…


The article Concludes”

“Firearms in the hands of law-abiding citizens
enhance public safety.

Firearms in the wrong hands endanger everyone.

Responsible firearms policies focus on thwarting dangerous
people and do not attempt to infringe the
constitutional rights of good persons.

Background checks on firearms sales can be improved
by including more records on persons
who have been adjudicated to be so severely
mentally ill that they are a genuine threat.

Extending federal gun control to private
intrastate sales between individuals—and to
firearms loans among friends and family—is
constitutionally dubious, and imposes severe
burdens for no practical benefit. Such a system
is futile without registration of all firearms.
Gun owners have justifiably resisted gun registration
because it has facilitated gun confiscation
in the United States and other nations.





Duck Dynasty – Willie Goes Trump! Update

The Robertson’s are as earthy as you can get. Religion, belief in God, Family,  Guns, and hunting go for both Cruz and Trump. Willie goes Trump!


But wait just a few days later Donald hates Fox and Megn Kelly so much that he can’t deal with her on a debate stage or even talk to Roger Ailes?

Is that a real leader? A leader to lead our country? I can imagine Phil Robertson in face camo heading to the duck blind saying to Willie, Well I told you so!