The Left Jumps Again at Gun Control in the Wake of the Las Vegas Mass Murders…

My sincere prayers go to all those in Las Vegas that were killed and injured by this heinous evil man.

The “left” sees this another opportunity to ban the so called assault weapons or black long guns and magazines that hold many rounds from law abiding citizens.

The simple fact is that criminals or evil doers circumvent law every single day and will get a gun on the black market or by robbery. This madman apparently found a way to make the semi-auto rifle fire as an automatic. A felony! Did he care? No! Can you legislate that? No!

Below is an interesting examination at the CATO Institute of the “Cost and Consequences of Gun Control.” I thought a good read…

The article Concludes”

“Firearms in the hands of law-abiding citizens
enhance public safety.

Firearms in the wrong hands endanger everyone.

Responsible firearms policies focus on thwarting dangerous
people and do not attempt to infringe the
constitutional rights of good persons.

Background checks on firearms sales can be improved
by including more records on persons
who have been adjudicated to be so severely
mentally ill that they are a genuine threat.

Extending federal gun control to private
intrastate sales between individuals—and to
firearms loans among friends and family—is
constitutionally dubious, and imposes severe
burdens for no practical benefit. Such a system
is futile without registration of all firearms.
Gun owners have justifiably resisted gun registration
because it has facilitated gun confiscation
in the United States and other nations.





Duck Dynasty – Willie Goes Trump! Update

The Robertson’s are as earthy as you can get. Religion, belief in God, Family,  Guns, and hunting go for both Cruz and Trump. Willie goes Trump!


But wait just a few days later Donald hates Fox and Megn Kelly so much that he can’t deal with her on a debate stage or even talk to Roger Ailes?

Is that a real leader? A leader to lead our country? I can imagine Phil Robertson in face camo heading to the duck blind saying to Willie, Well I told you so!